Sports Management

OSFG provides athletes with strategic coaching that improves their lives both on and off the field. More than just an advocate for athletes, Jayson and his team are mentors and connectors building individuals into authentic brands that represent character and integrity.

Jayson’s passion for sports began as a child. He later became a captain of the men’s track and field team at Florida State University, and qualified and competed in two Olympic games once he completed his degree. Jayson believes in more than the peak of an athlete’s career. He is invested in the evolution of the individual: from initial recruiting, to the rise in his athletic career, and then life after sports.

Whether it’s fast hands, or quick feet, each athlete is groomed according to his individual strengths, core values and future goals to create a brand that lasts long after the field lights go out. Olympic Star Financial provides a number of solutions unique to each athlete including the following:
• Mentorship
• Financial planning
• Identity and brand development
• Special event planning and implementation
• Advertising
• Social media marketing campaigns
• Public relations counsel
• Strategic consulting
• Foundation coordination and support
• Fundraising
• Media opportunities
• TV production
• Memorabilia maximization
• Life skills
• Goal setting