Identity Theft Protection

Do you have a friend or acquaintance whose tax return was hijacked or mail stolen and now have to restore their identity? This is more than an inconvenience. It can change lifestyles and reduce borrowing power. It can place them in nightmarish legal situations. It will take months or years of effort to get their identity restored.

Our business partner, iPROTECT Complete Identity Armor is here to help. Their Comprehensive Three Step Method will:
Monitor - Your identity profile will be used to find and locate any potential unknown threats. If these occur, you'll receive an alert. Your response to the alert will determine the followup action.

Repair - iPROTECT's team of Privacy Advocates are trained in getting through the red tape of identity restoration. They will fight on your behalf to get your identity restored as quickly and effectively as possible. They know all the people and agencies to work through, and how to get it done. Identity restoration is not a do-it-yourself task if you want to get it done effectively and efficiently.

Insure - The iPROTECT agreement includes reimbursement of any expenses incurred that are directly related to an identity theft incident, up to $25,000.

iPROTECT will offer repair and insure services to your spouse and dependent children under 18 should they encounter an identity theft incident. This is an added benefit for no extra charge that other identity protection programs do not offer.

iPROTECT Complete Identity Armor is available to you for just $99 for a full year of protection.